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Host on-demand client

Host On-Demand client applets can be run as download clients, Web Start clients , or cached clients. Download clients are downloaded from the Web server. To load a Host On-Demand emulator client, a user starts a Web browser and enters in the Address field the URL of a Host On-Demand HTML file. The Host. IBM Host On-Demand V documentation Installing the Host On-Demand server and related software · Configuring Host On-Demand emulator clients.

Host On-Demand provides a sample HTML file of ready-to-use , , VT, and FTP emulator sessions pre-configured with download client and Java. Host On-Demand (HOD) is an IBM product that provides secure (encrypted) HOD also provides a secure FTP service, for file transfers to/from the UIS. Internet Explorer andSafari are the preferred browsers to access the Install Host On Demand application. Chrome and Firefox will not support the Java plug-in.

Host On Demand (HOD) is the recommended terminal session application for you connect, because the HOD FTP client assumes that you are using Windows, . The IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand Server, or HOD as it is commonly known is a Java Standard telnet clients cannot be used as a substitute for TN clients, as they use fundamentally different techniques for exchanging data. Host On-Demand V has added support for the IBM Workplace Client Technology (WCT) for.


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